14. Reading and Revision: The Art of Hoaxing

a. Pair up with a classmate or study partner. One of you should read Text 1 and the other should read Text 2. Follow the instructions in the attached document.

Answers for both texts are here.

b. Write 3 discussion questions for your classmates to answer, on themes arising from the texts. Use these to find out people’s attitudes towards artistic skills, styles, and ‘fake’ art.

c. Write 2 sentences, one about each of these hoaxes, using as much hedging language as you can while still sounding natural! (Refer back to page 7 of this lesson if you need ideas for how to do this).


I referred to the following articles when researching Pierre Brassau and Han van Meegeren:




The video about Joyce Hatto is on Albert Lin‘s Youtube channel. It’s a documentary created by Susannah Price, first aired on Channel 4.

The top photo is by Steve Johnson from Pexels

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