5. Listen to the next part of the video.

a. Who was Joyce Hatto, and why were people surprised by her new recordings?

b. Listen again and make a note of the missing words:

  • …someone who seemed totally at ____ with the technical demands of the music…
  • Industry insiders were ____.
  • Whispers on the music ____ began.
  • Aficionados of the piano in particular were immediately fascinated by this and ____ by it.
  • Well, here’s the greatest secret ever ____ in the piano world.

c. Which of these words:

  • are a synonym for shocked? (2 answers)
  • is a noun meaning an informal network for sharing gossip?
  • is part of a phrase meaning ‘comfortable with’?
  • is a compound noun?
  • is a past participle? (3 answers)

For answers and a further vocabulary exercise, click here.

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