8. Listen to this description of Joyce and her husband.

a. Which of them was better dressed?

b. Listen again and write down as many adjectives from the recording as you possibly can.

c. Read the following quote from the recording. Find:

  • examples of hedging language
  • three adjectives that are used to describe the same noun
  • the name of a charity shop that sells second-hand clothes
  • a four-word collocation summarising a style of clothing
  • a phrasal verb.

He was a rather avuncular gentleman in an old, rather battered, tweed jacket. Bit sort of threadbare, I thought; bit Oxfam, quite honestly. And Joyce was a small lady in a kind of twin set and pearls and everything, very elegantly turned out. And we hit it off straight away.

d. Describing someone as “a bit Oxfam” is not very kind, but it is quite interesting grammatically, as Oxfam is a noun. This is a way of invoking a stereotype to criticise someone.

Think of five people you know and describe them using a bit + noun.

For example: he’s a bit golfing holidays and steak dinners.

Why not write your descriptions in the comments box, below!

Answers for this page are here.

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