Teacher Notes: THE PAST (A1-A2)

The student page for this lesson is available at https://englishin3d.net/2022/05/11/lesson-the-past-a1-a2/.

About this lesson

Target language: Past simple with was/were. Past simple with regular and irregular verbs. Note that while this lesson provides an introduction to the past simple and gets students using past simple forms, further practice will be needed following the lesson.

Language the students need to have already: Present simple questions and answers. Verbs for everyday activities. Likes and dislikes. Superlative adjectives (for the first part of the lesson).

Length: 2 hours minimum.

Suitability: Suitable for adult learners. Some parts of the lesson involve talking about childhood memories, so it’s less suitable for young learners or teens. Optimised for online classes, and also suitable for offline use.

To buy the full teacher instructions, answers and worksheets for this lesson, please click below. We will email you a link to download PDFs of the notes and worksheets.

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