What’s the purpose of this blog?

Hello! My name is Luke and I am the owner of this blog.

I suppose it would be useful to start things off with a post about why this blog exists. Well, the reasons may change as I go on, but for now I’m hoping that the things I add here will perform several functions.

– I’m hoping to spur myself to reflect on the things that I’ve learned through my various day-jobs of teaching and (now) writing lessons for other people to teach. It’s easy to take some new idea on board and then let it get stale, grow bored of it and forget that it ever worked at all. Thus, I may be able to teach some things to my future self, or at least remind myself of some of the motivations I have at this point in my career.

– I’ve also wanted for some time to join the big conversation happening online. Though it’s quite late in the blogging era – and I can’t escape the feeling that 2012, when I was relatively newly CELTA-ed up, would’ve been a more peak time to start this thing – I’m hoping that there might still be a few corners where I could shine my little light.

– There’s also a place for more usable open-source lesson content on the web. In my job I often have to compile resources on areas as diverse as past tenses, word-formation, the history of the English breakfast, the American dream, and even vocabulary for describing different types of wine. In general I’ve found that online grammar tests and worksheets are legion, reading comprehension activities are easily enough found too, but complete, holistic lessons with text, tasks and teachable language input can take quite a lot of effort to track down.

– That brings us neatly to the fourth and last reason. I want to experience the joyful indulgence of posting my ideas online and having people read my work and incorporate it into their teaching. If this means I become a famous pedagogue and get to write bestselling books and retire at 45, well, that’s a sacrifice I’m prepared to make.

Happy reading!