About Us


I’m Luke. I’m currently living in England and I teach English online to adults.


I joined the English teaching industry in 2008, with a two-year stint in Japanese elementary schools. In 2011 I got my teaching certificate, followed by several years of being constantly on the move; during this time I worked in Poland, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, the UK and China. Most of my work was with teenagers on short, intensive courses and during this time I got interested in the practicalities of lesson planning and creating content and activities for use in the classroom.

In 2015-16 I worked in a small and well-resourced school in Andorra, where I got the opportunity to use an online platform to create lessons based on current news, viral videos and the kinds of social memes that get students talking. After that I spent three years as an Academic Co-ordinator for a company based in Canterbury, England. We sent teachers out all around Europe to teach short courses in state and private schools, and my role was to equip them with all the information and resources they would need.

I have had a lot of fun over the years writing lessons for my classes, and I started this site so that I could have even more fun sharing those lessons with students and teachers around the world!

In 2020-21 I returned to Germany to teach, and spent the winter in lockdown. I got motivated to expand my site, and I’m now offering online lessons.


I’m Ayah. I’ve been working in the educational games industry since 2011, including projects for companies such as Nickelodeon, Lexitoys and Odyssey Toys. I’ve always been interested in education and psychology and I’ve tutored kids in mathematics, electronics, Arabic and English. In my spare time I’ve also volunteered to help kids with learning difficulties and written and designed campaign materials to raise awareness of mental health.

I’m helping Luke to design and market this site and also giving him a kick up the backside when he gets lazy!

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