Consultations and Proofreading

Consultation and Proof-Reading (via Skype or Zoom)

Bring a presentation or project in English and get detailed feedback.

Are you writing an assignment in English and worrying about your sentence structure? Or maybe you’re working on a website for your new startup and need a style check? Do you need your resume or CV proofread by a professional before applying for a job? I can do this!

Just book a session, send me a link to your text and I’ll read it while we’re online together. I can suggest corrections and improvements, or give you some high-impact vocabulary to make the text really stand out.

A consultation will include:

  • a chance to interact on Zoom or Skype, so that you can explain what you want the text to say.
  • feedback on your mistakes and suggestions for how to rephrase your text.
  • if there are repeated errors of grammar or vocabulary, a personalised email with online resources to help you avoid these errors in future.
30 minutes€12
45 minutes€15
60 minutes€20