Business English Module: EFFECTIVE EMAILS (B2)

Multi-lesson module, B2 level. Learning and using key vocabulary and grammar to convey a professional tone in emails. Practice in conveying formality and friendliness through choice of phrasing. Reading example emails and analysing their tone. Multiple, wide-ranging discussion topics relating to email and the situations in which it is used. A final collaborative workshop in which students use the concepts and language studied in this module to make improvements to their own real-world emails.


Extended lesson, C1 level. Listening comprehension based on a documentary movie voiceover. Reading and responding to a review of a recent book. Identifying synonyms and their use in making descriptions more colourful. Vocabulary relating to movement and conflict. ‘Quite’ with gradable and non-gradable adjectives. Speaking on themes including cats’ habits, navigating and getting lost. Writing a description of a map drawn from imagination.

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