RAIN (B2 Lesson)

Through this lesson, your students can explore and examine the topic of rainy weather from various angles: social, scientific, artistic. The topic and activities are designed to promote mindful, experiential learning, and the link to mindfulness is made explicit in a final reading activity on the ‘RAIN’ method of handling difficult emotions.

FEARS (B2-C1 Module)

This module explores five topics relating to fear, using authentic videos and texts to introduce research from fields including robotics, psychology and animal behaviour. You can also read an iconic document from New York’s history and learn about fear in marketing. Premium resources are available, with a wealth of exercises to deepen and extend learning.


An entertaining video about whisky-tasting is used as the initial model for this lesson. Learners analyse the functional vocabulary in the video to see how the presenter makes his instructions clear. This is followed by a sequence of further listening and speaking tasks, with the aim of training learners to become more effective at explaining both procedures (‘How to…’) and concepts.

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