You’re going to listen to instructions for everyday tasks and write some of your own. You need a partner or teacher who can do the lesson with you – if you’re at home, you can talk to your partner by videolink.

Click on the links if you want more information about anything in the lesson.

1. My favourite sandwich filling is peanut butter and banana! How about yours? Tell your partner what you like to eat in a sandwich.

2. Can you write a list of instructions for how to make your favourite sandwich? Try it now!

You’ll need to start with something like:
“Take two slices of bread.”

For more help with how to write instructions, click here.

For some useful vocabulary, try here.

If you want to read some (quite hard!) sandwich instructions, click here.

3. Here is a video of a dad following instructions from his kids. They’re making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (like in the top photo in this lesson!).

Watch the video and think about:
– What instructions do the kids give to their dad?
– What does the dad do with these instructions?

Talk with your partner about your answers.

After you talk with your partner, you can read my answers here.

4. Look at your list of sandwich-making instructions again. What’s missing? Can you make your instructions more exact?

5. Now try doing the ‘Exact Instructions Challenge’ with your partner or teacher. Here are some different challenges to try:

Three challenges: pour a bowl of cereal and milk, brush your teeth, put on a jacket.
Photos by englishin3d.net

To do an ‘Exact Instructions Challenge’:

  • Write exact instructions for your partner to do this thing.
  • Give your instructions to your partner (if you’re not in the same room, write everything and take a photo to send to your partner).
  • Follow your partner’s instructions the same as the dad in the video – do exactly what it says in the instructions.

Who can give the most exact instructions?

6. Talk with your partner and answer these questions together:

  • When is it important to have exact instructions?
  • Who needs to write exact instructions in their job?
  • Do you like to follow instructions when making furniture or baking a cake? Or do you like to work independently? Why?

If you’ve enjoyed this lesson, please leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you – and I’d love to read some of your instructions too!


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For information about the photos used in this lesson, click here.

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