1. Speak
– How would you feel about becoming famous on the internet?
– How do people (or animals) become famous on the internet?

2. Can you match the vocabulary with the definitions?

1. selfie (n)a. to distribute information, text, photos or videos on the internet, by emailing, messaging or posting to a social media page
2. stock photo (n)b. a word, phrase, picture or video that is widely shared on the internet
3. follow (v)c. a photo of yourself, taken by you
4. share (v)d. to make changes to a text, video or photo
5. edit (v)e. a photo which can be bought for use in a magazine, website or advert
6. meme (n)f. to click to say you want to receive updates from a page or account on social media

Answers: here.

3. Let’s talk some more about internet memes

A meme is a word, phrase, picture or video that is widely shared on the internet.

Definition from Part 2, above.
  • Is this definition completely accurate? What are other important characteristics of memes?
  • What is the difference between a meme and a viral video or photo?
  • Can you think of some examples of memes? Where did they originate?

If you’re not sure of the answers, please check here.

4. We’re going to hear from a man who became a meme.

He is a Hungarian named András Arató, who became famous on the internet as ‘Hide the Pain Harold’.

This is the first part of the video. Watch and answer these questions:

  • Who is András Arató?
  • Why were there photos of him on the internet?

Answers: here.

5. Here are some sentences from the rest of András’ story.

Can you put these into a logical order to make a story?

a. I had the opportunity to cooperate with the biggest brands like Coca-Cola. They invited me for a shooting where I had to fly in a wind tunnel.
b. I revealed my identity on a Russian social media site.
c. I wanted to whizz through all the pictures and close down all the websites.
d. Now there is a much bigger challenge in sight.
e. It was horrifying when I encountered the first memes, because there were some really rude or disgusting jokes.
f. After that, I can say that all the bad or rude or disgusting memes disappeared.
g. It took several years till I could accept the situation.

6. Listen to the rest of the story and check your answers.

Answers: here.

7. Think, then discuss

  • Why did the ‘rude or disgusting’ memes disappear?
  • What was the ‘bigger challenge’ that András mentioned? Do you think it will be a success?
  • András’ story seems to have had a positive ending. Was that down to luck, or did it happen because of his positive attitude?
  • Do you think his experience is typical of people who became a meme?

Main photo by freestocks.org from Pexels


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