FEARS (B2-C1 Module)

This is the main student page for this module. Premium resources – including four worksheets and a set of suggested final tasks – are available on Payhip.

Part 1. The Uncanny Valley

a. Look at the video thumbnail below without playing the video.

The Telenoid is a robot created in 2010 by Hiroshi Ishiguro.

  • What do you think this robot does?
  • How would you describe its appearance?

b. Play the video.

Compare your previous answers with the points made by the video narrator.

c. Discuss the questions with a group or partner.

  • (i) Why might people think a humanoid robot like the Telenoid is creepy or frightening?
  • (ii) How could a designer change the appearance of the Telenoid so that people will react more positively when they see it?
  • (iii) In general, is it better for a robot to look similar to a human?

d. Try to explain the graph.

Wired magazine has created a graph showing a concept called “The Uncanny Valley”. You can find it at the link below – the graph is near the top of the page.

What does the graph show? What is the Uncanny Valley?


e. Do Worksheet 1.

This worksheet has a reading text about the Uncanny Valley theory and some vocabulary and discussion activities.

To go to the next page of this module, please scroll down and click on ‘2’.

Further reading and listening on the Uncanny Valley:

Three great articles:




A video showing the Telenoid and other robots in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpzIQt6l4xY

Main Photo: Daisy Anderson via Pexels.com.

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