Lesson: THE LAWS OF BUSINESS (C1 level)

  • Discussing general themes of business and work.
  • Vocabulary for making generalisations.

1. What is a law?
A hint: laws aren’t just written by governments – there’s also the laws of science, the laws of economics…

2. Do you know of any ‘laws of business’? Tell your classmates!

3. Here’s an example of a business law. It’s called ‘Parkinson’s Law’, and it was first created by the British writer Cyril Northcote Parkinson:

  • Can you think of any examples of Parkinson’s Law being true, from your own experiences?
  • Are there any similar laws or proverbs in your country?

4. Look at the top 5 laws on this pdf. Can you find the right words (from the top of the page) to fill in the spaces in the laws?

5. Let’s look in more detail at the vocabulary in the laws.

  • How many nouns are there in these laws?
  • How many adjectives are there?
  • How are these adjectives used? (Follow this link for more).

6. Which industries do you think these laws came from? Which is your favourite and why?

7. Now go back to the pdf and look at the four laws at the bottom of the page. I have copied the first part of each of these. Can you complete the rest of each rule, using your own opinions?

(Answers to some parts of this lesson are at this link. The source of most of the information in this lesson was this Wikipedia page. Cover photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels).

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