4. Speaking

Use these questions to make conversation with your classmates:

a. How do you think Chris and Joan felt at the end of the story?

b. Have you had any similar experiences with an unexpected letter or email?

c. What’s the longest journey you’ve taken by car?

d. Do you like to interact with other travellers when you’re on a bus, train or plane?

e. What else can you do to pass the time when you’re on a long journey?


      1. He says “he” but it was his wife who was driving as far as I could gather. But now it’s clear that he meant a person in another car on the same road.


      2. I think so. The lyrics of the song seem to tell a different story from what actually happened that night in 1978. With some classes, it might be interesting to get learners comparing the story with the song lyrics to find the differences in detail.


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