Lesson: THE PAST (A1-A2)

2. Grammar

a. What’s the missing word?

(i) I can’t talk right now. I ___ busy.
(ii) I ___ busy last weekend.

b. Past simple with was and were: complete the missing words.

I was busy last weekend.I wasn’t (was not) busy last weekend.
You were busy last weekend.You _____1____ busy last weekend.
(S)he was busy last weekend.(S)he _____2____ busy last weekend.
The teacher _____3_____ busy last weekend.The teacher wasn’t busy last weekend.
We _____4_____ busy last weekend.We weren’t busy last weekend.
They were busy last weekend.They _____5_____ busy last weekend.

c. Ask your classmates:

Were you…busy
fresh (= not tired)
last weekend?
last night?
this morning?
last Friday evening?
last Sunday night?
last Monday morning?

Answer: Yes, I was / No, I wasn’t.

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