Lesson: THE PAST (A1-A2)

5. Speaking and grammar

a. Make sentences to tell the class.

When I was a child, I…

  • liked…
  • had…
  • often played…
  • always watched… …on TV.
  • didn’t like…

b. Read the information in the table and answer your teacher’s questions.

Past Simple with other verbs than be:

Sentence FormExample
Positive statementPerson + 2nd form verb + other informationI liked carrots when I was a boy.
Negative statementPerson + didn’t + 1st form verb + other informationMy brother didn’t have a bike.
QuestionDid + person + 1st form verb + other informationDid you eat chocolate last week?
AnswerYes, + person + did
No, + person + didn’t
No, I didn’t.

c. Do the worksheet (your teacher can send you this).

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