COLOURS (C1 Module)

This is the main student page for ‘Colours’. Premium materials for this lesson, including worksheets, are available for download from our Payhip store.

  • Vocabulary for naming and describing colours.
  • Colour idioms.
  • Listening for gist and for detail.
  • Using conditionals to talk about real situations in the past.
  • Vocabulary relating to a feud between two artists.
  • Discussing differences of languages and culture.

1. Let’s start with some music.

Your teacher will play you five short snippets of music from a 1978 recording entitled ‘Colours’. Each of the pieces of music represents a colour. While listening, make a note of which colour you think it is.

At the end, share your answers with your classmates and see if you agree on the colours represented in the audio clips.

Photo by Orange Tomato on

a. What emotions or moods do you associate with different colours? For example, is red calm and green angry, or the other way around?
b. If you asked this question to a person on the other side of the world, would you expect them to have a similar answer to yours? Why, or why not?

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