• Naming parts of a car
  • Using driving-related verbs to describe manoeuvres and processes on the road
  • Understanding directions given by an instructor or examiner

Note: This lesson is designed to get you using driving vocabulary and to show you gaps in your knowledge. The task of learning the new vocabulary from this lesson is up to you.

1. Activate your Vocabulary: Parts of a car

a. First of all, a quiz: I’ll describe a car part, but can you name it?


b. Now, can you answer these in English?

  • Which parts of a car need to be working so that it can get you from A to B?
  • Which parts of a car need to be working for it to be roadworthy (safe and legal to use on the road)?
  • When you get into a new car for the first time, what things might you need to adjust?
  • How do you start a car?
  • What safety checks do you need to do before moving off?

c. What can you find on the car’s dashboard? How many parts can you name?

Image from Mike B via pexels.com

Bonus: here’s a link to a quiz about warning lights you might see on a dashboard (external site): https://www.triviaplaza.com/car-dashboard-warning-lights-quiz/.

d. Some parts of a car have their own verbs. Can you match the verbs to the nouns to describe actions that drivers often do?

checkthe height of the seat
fastenthe key in the ignition
changethe accelerator
turnthe mirrors
adjustyour seatbelt
put your foot ona caravan or trailer

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