2. Verbs for Driving: Manoeuvres

a. What special manoeuvres do you have to do as part of your practical driving test?

For instance, do you have to show that you can handle

  • reverse parking? (into a parking space)
  • parallel parking? (in between cars parked alongside a street)
  • reversing round a corner?
  • a 3-point turn? (a U-turn: turning around in the street)

b. Choose one of these manoeuvres and explain the steps a driver needs to take to do it successfully. Don’t forget to mention things inside the car – changing gear, turning the wheel – as well as things outside the car.

c. What happens if another vehicle approaches while the driver is carrying out these manoeuvres?

d. Let’s talk about another special type of driving: fast driving on a freeway or motorway. Supposing you need to drive on this type of road for two junctions – you enter the road, keep going and pass one junction, and then turn off at the next junction – what are the steps you need to take, so that you can get to your destination safely?

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