3. Directions for Drivers

a. Look at the picture below and answer the questions:

  • Describe the position of the black taxi in the road.
  • What is the motorcyclist doing?
  • What do you think the triangular road signs mean?
  • How many side roads can you see? Do you think they’re one-way or two-way roads?
  • What potential hazards does the driver need to notice and watch out for on this road?
Image from Lina Kivaka, via pexels.com

b. Match the descriptions with the pictures.

  • (a) At the next junction, take a left, and an immediate left again.
  • (b) At the fork, take a left and then next right.
  • (c) At the interchange, bear left.
  • (d) At the junction, take a sharp left turn.
  • (e) At the roundabout, take the third exit.

(The maps are taken from OpenStreetMap. The arrows were added – inexpertly – by Englishin3d.)

c. What words in the last exercise help to describe exactly how or when to turn?

d. Now you try it – find a map of your area to use, and describe how to get from one place to another by car.

If you can’t find a map, here’s a link to a nice village map: https://createimaginarium.org/village-map-2/.

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