TIME OFF (B1-B2 Lesson)

  • Vocabulary for different types of time off work
  • Reading short texts about workers’ schedules and time off
  • Paired or group discussions of themes relating to absences from work
  • Role-plays: trying to convince a colleague or family member

Note for Teachers: The pdf worksheets for parts 2c and 3f, together with the role-play cards for part 4, can be downloaded in a zip file from my Payhip store. Answers for the worksheet are available online, here.

1. Ask and answer

a. What’s the longest public holiday in your country or region?

b. Do you usually travel during public holidays, or mostly stay home?

c. How many days’ holiday do workers in your country usually get?

d. How much of this holiday is public holiday time and how much is flexible?

e. What can a worker do if they feel too sick to work?

(To go to the next page, scroll down and click on ‘2’.)

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