TIME OFF (B1-B2 Lesson)

3. Questions to Discuss

a. If my annual leave entitlement is 20 days, what’s the best way to divide up those days? For example, should I take one long holiday of 10 days and five shorter breaks of 2 days?

b. My employer requires me to work overtime some weekends. I can choose between getting paid 1.5 times my usual amount and getting 1.5 hours time off in lieu per overtime hour. Which is the better option?

c. I have a job, but I am not at work now and won’t be at work for some more months. What are the possible reasons why?

d. I manage a team at a small company. One of my team members goes off sick every time there’s a big presentation or a difficult deadline. For one or two days of sickness, our company doesn’t require a sick note from a doctor. But it’s causing more stress for the rest of the team. What should I do?

e. I’m expanding my business and taking on some employees for the first time. I need to plan my absence policy, so that they know the rules about taking time off work. I want to be fair to all my future employees – young people, older people, parents, carers, everyone! What details should I put in the absence policy?

f. Now do exercise 3f from the worksheet.

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