WHAT DO YOU DO? (A1-A2 Lesson)

  • Talking about work, including where you work, your department, and your industry
  • Understanding the difference between work for, work in and work at
  • Asking questions to find out about another person’s job

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1. What are the missing words?

A: I’m Ania.

O: __(1)__ to meet you, Ania. And I’m Orla.

A: And what do you do, Orla?

O: I’m an engineer. I work for a transport company called Blue Line.

A: That’s great! I __(2)__ for a transport company too. I work for Ultra Direct. But I’m not an engineer.

O: Ah, so what do you do?

A: __(3)__ a consultant. I work in the marketing department.

O: Oh I see!

E: My name’s Ed. And you?

I: Ibra. So Ed, what do you __(4)__?

E: I’m a buyer. I work for a supermarket chain.

I: Do you work at the supermarket in this town?

E: No, I work at the head office, in Frankfurt, Germany. I wear a suit and tie most days!

I: I see! Which department do you work in?

E: The dairy department. I buy milk.

I: It’s great to __(5)__ you, Ed. I work in the milk industry too! I’m a farmer.

Note: the photos on this page are by Sarah Chai and Halil İbrahim Özcan.

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