WHAT DO YOU DO? (A1-A2 Lesson)

2. Vocabulary: Prepositions

a. Do worksheet 2a.

b. Fill in the gaps to make the general rules for using for/ in/ at.

  • work + for + (type of company)
  • work + _______ + (company name)
  • work + in + (__________________)
  • work + in + (__________________)
  • work + _______ + (building or place)

c. Here’s one more ‘fill in the missing word’ exercise.

We’re safety officers.

We work __(1.)__ the government.

We work __(2.)__ construction sites all over the country. We travel a lot.

My cousin’s a graphic designer.

He’s a freelancer. He works __(3.)__ himself.

He works __(4.)__ home every day.

They work __(5.)__ insurance.

They work __(6.)__ a large office building near the river in the city centre.

“Excuse me, do you work __(7.)__ this store? Could you help me find the parts I need?”

My neighbour is a customer advisor.

He works __(8.)__ the online retail industry. He works __(9.)__ two fashion retailers.

Most days, he works __(10.)__ home.

Note: the photos on this page are by Mikael Blomkvist, MART Production, fauxels, Gustavo Fring, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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