YUCK! (C1-C2 Lesson)

1. Speak

a. If you had to choose one food as your absolute favourite, which would you choose?

b. Do you tend to prefer sweet or savoury tastes?

c. Are there any foods you can’t stand? Can you explain your aversion to these foods?

d. Is there a food from your region or country that people from abroad sometimes find weird or disgusting?

e. What are some examples of “love it or hate it” foods? Why do they get such strong reactions from people?

f. What factors can contribute to a person disliking a particular food, after trying it?

g. What factors can influence a person to reject an unfamiliar food, without trying it?

Bonus activity 1: Read this text and compare it with your responses to questions f-g.

Bonus activity 2: Brainstorm words and phrases that you can use to express a strong dislike of a food.

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