5. Listen to the next segments of the video

  • What does Margaret do instead of watching TV?
  • Why is the fire so important?

Here is a quotation from this clip:

I’ve no desire to have television, but I do love reading books. I especially like the Russian authors because they’re very graphic in their details.

  • Using this structure, what can you say about your own hobbies?
  • What things do you have no desire to do?
  • What do you especially like and why?

Below is the next part of the video, so here are some more questions:

  • What do we learn about Margaret’s family, from her descriptions?
  • What did she do after leaving school?

Here we have another quotation:

There were times we couldn’t have carried on, had it not been for my sister.

  • What does this sentence mean?

Answers: here.

A grammar exercise based on ‘had it not been’ is here.

Discuss: who had the more fortunate start in life, Freda, who got the chance to be educated, or Margaret, who was able to stay in the place where she grew up?

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