8. Margaret describes how she does baking and ironing

a. Speak:

  • Which do you prefer doing, baking or ironing? Why?
  • How is it possible to bake and iron when there is no electricity and no oven in the house? What things would you need?

b. Listen:

  • What equipment does Margaret use for these two tasks?
  • What is the process, in each case?

Answers: here.

c. Below is a transcript of part of the video, but with some sentences changed. Listen again from 19:48 and mark the ones which are different in the video.

1. I use these two types of iron: the simple smoothing iron, which is very easy to operate, and the box-iron.

2. I just place the smoothing iron directly in front of the fire, and it gets enough heat from the fire to do ironing.

3. But this one is a bit more awkward.

4. I have to take the heater from this and place it in the centre of the fire, and put some coals round it.

5. And after about 30 minutes or so, it’s ready for ironing.

6. And I would use this box-iron most of the time.

Answers and further exercises here.

Discuss: To quote Margaret, “we’ve always had an open door, and I will always show the cottage to whoever wants to see it”. Do you have an open door, or do you know anyone who does? Are there parts of your home that you wouldn’t be comfortable showing to visitors?

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