9. Margaret talks about the local Historical Society.

a. Before listening, think of a suitable word to fill in each of the blanks in this narrative:

Early in October in 1988, I sent out letters to people I assumed ___(1)___ an interest in local history. I sent out 12 letters and 25 people ___(2)___ up to our first meeting. It just went from strength to ___(3)___, and today we’ve a cross-border, cross-community membership of 110 people.

In 1991, I was promoted to project manager with Belcoo and District Development Group, and one of the ___(4)___ of that post was that I should have a car, to be able to visit outlying ___(5)___ and attend meetings. A car does not interest me. I wouldn’t know one end of a car from another, and my brother-in-law came home to buy me the car. I had learned to drive back in the 70s. My father, funny enough, was ___(6)___ that I learn to drive. He kept saying, ‘you have to look out for yourself when I’m gone, and if you get a job, you’ll need a car’, and again it was his wisdom.

b. Listen and write down the correct words to fill in the blanks.

Answers and a further vocabulary exercise: here.

Discuss: “I wouldn’t know one end of a ______ from another”. Which things could you insert into this sentence? What common or popular topics do you have no interest in, and why?

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