2. Listen

We’re going to watch a video from the YouTube channel of “The School of Life”, a self-help and business training organisation co-founded by the author Alain de Botton.

Listen to the introduction to de Botton’s reflection on decision-making, and answer the questions below. Play the excerpt (0:00 – 0:40) several times if you need to.

a. According to de Botton, what is the enemy of good decision-making?

b. How does he describe the typical ways that humans make decisions?

c. “When faced with a large decision, we lack rituals and procedures.” – What rituals and procedures might de Botton be referring to, when he says this?

d. Match up the beginnings and endings of these phrases from the excerpt:

the fruit of……the kind of careful attention it requires
we typically……an unexamined solution
accord the business of decision-making……procrastinate
a lack of sufficient perspectives……a succession of good decisions
rush headlong into……on a problem

e. At the end of the excerpt, de Botton states: “We should systematically think through any issue from five distinct angles”. Can you predict what some of these angles might be?

Answers and further exercise here.


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