4. Reading and Vocabulary

a. On the School of Life website, there’s an article with much the same content as the video, but with one big difference. What is it?

b. Read the article (or, alternatively, watch the video again). Choose ten words or phrases that you’d like to add to your own working vocabulary, so that you can use them in future. These can be unfamiliar to you, or they can be things that you already recognise and feel you know the meaning of.

c. Write ten example sentences or paragraphs using these words and phrases. Look them up in a dictionary or do a web-search for model sentences, if necessary. Make sure that you are taking into account the register (level of formality / ‘bookishness’ / context of normal usage) of your chosen words or phrases.

Your teacher can check your sentences or paragraphs. If you’re working without a teacher, you’re welcome to write your examples in the comments box below.


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