6. Group Reading

Here’s a great article from a business magazine, describing five personalities that a manager should want on their team.

a. Each person in the class should read about one (or more) of these characters. When you finish reading, give a summary to your classmates and explain what advantages your allocated character brings to the team.

b. Now read the whole text. Which character:

  • (i) is adept at making links between parts of the organisation?
  • (ii) can cause colleagues to rethink a poor decision?
  • (iii) is able to relate new decisions to past experiences?
  • (iv) tends to take a positive approach to new things?
  • (v) can sometimes respond negatively to change?
  • (vi) excels at putting theories into practice even if they don’t understand the process?
  • (vii) tends to be unrealistic?

Answers: here.

c. Think, then share your ideas with a partner:

  • How far do you agree with the list in the article?
  • If you had to add two more characters to make a team of seven, which types of team members would you suggest?
  • How can an organisation ensure that each team contains a balance of personality types?


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