7. Role-Play Task

Follow the instructions a-d.

a. As a class decide on a topic for a brainstorming meeting (for example, which types of biscuits to bring to class next week / which prizes you’d expect to receive from the teacher at the end of the course / something even more serious).

b. Each person picks a number between 1 and x (if there are x people in the class). Once you’ve done this, click here to find out who you will be in the role-play.

c. Take 10-15 minutes to plan some things that you’re going to say and note down some words and phrases you might use when playing your character. For example, the Historian might start a statement with “If I recall correctly…”.

d. Start the meeting!

  • If you’re the team leader, your goal is to ensure the best possible decision is made by the end of the meeting.
  • If you’re another character, your goal is to play your character as faithfully as possible, bearing in mind this character’s motivations and abilities. You should not deliberately prevent a decision from being made, but you must speak out against decisions that your character cannot support.


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