COLOURS (C1 Module)

6. Pink!

a. What pops into your mind first when you hear the word pink?

b. What’s the pinkest object you’ve ever seen?

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on

c. Watch the very short clip below, from Tom Scott’s Youtube channel.

  • Who is Stuart Semple?

d. Why is it not possible to see this pink on your screen?

e. Read the text below and then discuss the question.

Paint feud becomes more colourful as London artist creates ‘pinkest pink’; bans world-famous sculptor from using it.

In a twist to the controversy that has recently lit up the art world, an artist from London has created a new, very pink, painting material. Stuart Semple claims that his PINK powder paint is the pinkest art material in the world, and has started selling it via his website. The only twist: Semple has banned the sculptor Anish Kapoor from having or using the new colour. This is the latest development in a controversy which started when Kapoor bought the (continued on p.101)

(From the imaginary magazine “London in 3d”, 2016)

What do you think the background to this story was? Brainstorm some reasons why an artist might create a new colour and then ban a particular person from using it.

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