COLOURS (C1 Module)

5. More listening

a. In this later part of the video, the narrator describes two examples of world languages which did not fit neatly into Berlin and Kay’s 1969 theories of colour names. How do these languages name colours?

b. Think again of the Hanunó’o system of adjectives for colours. Does your first language have similar adjectives that you can use to describe different versions of the same colour? And how about English?

c. With a partner, brainstorm a list of 5-10 colour terms your classmates would need to know if they were in one of these situations:

  • They won a competition and the prize is to have a top-quality interior designer redecorate a room in their house. The designer can only speak English.
  • They won a very expensive software programme for professional-quality photo editing. The software is all in English.

(i.) Watch the entire 6-minute Vox video, here:
Take notes on the points made in the video.
(ii.) Watch the video by Tom Scott, in which he talks about the same themes:
(iii.) Compare and contrast the two videos, summarising the points made and mentioning any major differences of content or opinion. Write 200-250 words.

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