COLOURS (C1 Module)

2. The language of colours: a quiz

Choose the correct answer. Cheat (by searching online) if you need to!

  1. In art, a darker version of a colour is called a _____.
    a. tint
    b. shade
    c. silhouette
    d. tinge
  2. These are all types of blue, but which is the darkest?
    a. royal blue
    b. navy blue
    c. baby blue
    d. azure
  3. Which of these is NOT used as a two-word name for a type of green?
    a. mint green
    b. moss green
    c. lime green
    d. tree green
  4. Which of these colours is totally different from the others?
    a. ochre
    b. beige
    c. teal
    d. fawn
  5. Which of these is a positive description?
    a. My bank account is in the red.
    b. Jilly is seeing red after what you wrote on Facebook.
    c. There were so many red flags on my date yesterday.
    d. Our client really rolled out the red carpet for us when we visited.
  6. Which of these is a positive emotion?
    a. tickled pink
    b. browned off
    c. green with envy
    d. feeling blue
  7. This dress, which went viral online in 2015, is _____ and _____.
    a. white and gold
    b. blue and gold
    c. white and black
    d. blue and black
  8. Okay, now a general knowledge question: which animal is able to see the widest range of colours?
    a. a human
    b. a mantis shrimp
    c. a bumblebee
    d. a goat

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