Lesson: DON’T EAT THAT! (C1)

3. Vocabulary

a. – b. Try the worksheet.

c. Ask and answer the following:

  • (i) Which countries rely on a staple food nowadays? Which used to depend on a staple food?
  • (ii) If you had to name one staple in your own diet, what would it be?
  • (iii) What are the possible ways to become immune to a disease?
  • (iv) What factors can weaken a person’s immune system?
  • (v) How many foods can you name that are produced through fermentation?
  • (vi) What are the possible symptoms of a food allergy?
  • (vii) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using ‘doctor Google’ to research symptoms when you feel unwell?
  • (viii) Do you generally prefer savory or sweet foods?
  • (ix) What are the best seasonings to enhance everyday dishes – for example, pizza, salad, noodles, pancakes…?
  • (x) What are some ‘life hacks’ to enhance everyday life and improve our wellbeing?

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