Lesson: DON’T EAT THAT! (C1)

6. Reading

a. Here is the first part of the text. Read it, then discuss:

  • Which of these incidents was worse, and why?
  • What symptoms are mentioned in the text?

b. Find synonyms in the text for these words and phrases:

  • (i) decreased by a large amount
  • (ii) made secret plans together
  • (iii) amounts
  • (iv) poisonous
  • (v) deadly
  • (vi) always / without changing
  • (vii) called it by a particular name
  • (viii) was not dangerous
  • (ix) a number of instances of the same illness in the same place
  • (x) a large-scale and fast-spreading outbreak of a disease

Answers to page 6: here.

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