This is the first student page for the Effective Emails module. You can navigate through the lesson content via the numbers at the bottom of each page.

All the worksheets are available, along with full teaching instructions, from our TPT store.

  • Learning and using key vocabulary and grammar to convey a professional tone in emails.
  • Practice in conveying formality and friendliness through choice of phrasing.
  • Reading example emails and analysing their tone.
  • Multiple, wide-ranging discussion topics relating to email and the situations in which it is used.
  • A final collaborative workshop in which students use the concepts and language studied in this module to make improvements to their own real-world emails.

1. Share your thoughts

a. Let’s talk first about your email experience

  • How many emails do you typically receive in a day?
  • How many do you send?
  • What proportion of the emails you send or receive are for work purposes?
  • Comparing now with 10 years ago, would you say your use of email has increased or decreased?
  • What do you find (or what would you find) most challenging about writing an email in English?

b. How would you rank these forms of communication, from your favourite to your least favourite? (We know they’re all useful in different situations, but this is about which you actually prefer – most people have some preferences!)

c. Back to emails. Are these statements true, false, or somewhere in between?

(Your teacher can give you the statements for part 1c)

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