6. Email Workshop

(Beyond this point, the resources on this page are unfinished. Feel free to use them in your own way! Or come back in a few days to see the final version.)

In this final part, you’re going to review an email written by one of your classmates (or one that you yourself wrote). You’ll analyse its tone and the functions within the email, and suggest some improvements or changes to it.

a. Discuss and try to come to an agreement:

  • (i) What rules do we need for this task? (For instance, how can we make sure everyone receives helpful suggestions? What can we do to make it possible to talk about improving a classmate’s email without that classmate feeling attacked? What should the teacher’s role be?)
  • (ii) What questions will you need to ask yourself when analysing the email? (What will you need to analyse, and what will you need to evaluate so that you can decide on improvements to suggest?)
  • (iii) What stages should we include in this task, and how much time will we need for each? (For instance, when and how will the emails be assigned? Should there be a chance to read the assigned email individually and make a list of suggestions? Is it a good idea to include some pairwork after that to brainstorm further ideas with a partner? How will the suggestions be shared with the person who wrote the email? What could happen after that?

b. Review the email and make a list of suggested improvements.

c. Share your ideas with your classmate.

Main photo: from Christina Morillo, via Pexels.

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