• Discussing aesthetic and cultural aspects of minimalism
  • Describing music and analysing short poems
  • Vocabulary for describing minimalist and maximalist office design
  • Ways to describe social change

Notes for Teachers: This is a longer lesson or module which could take up to 6 hours if all parts of the resources are included. Teaching notes for this lesson, together with two pdf worksheets, are available from our Payhip store (click to open link).

Before the Lesson

Half of the class should listen to Recording A.

The other half should listen to Recording B.

Part 1.

a. Find a partner who listened to the other recording, and tell them about the music you listened to.

  • What similarities were there between the two pieces of music?
  • What differences can you find?

b. Discuss with your partner:

  • Both of these pieces are considered to be part of the musical movement or style known as minimalism. What elements or factors might characterise minimalist music?

-More on Part 1-

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