Lesson: MINIMALISM (in progress)

Part 2.

a. Read and discuss:

La Monte Young’s Composition 1960 #7 is also quite famous as a piece of visual art. The score (the written music and performance instructions) for the entire composition can be seen on the website of New York’s Museum of Modern Art:


  • How is this different from other pieces of music?
  • What are the implications of Young’s score, in terms of organising a performance of this work?
  • What do you think Young was trying to do, through this composition?

b. Think and share

How could the same principles or process be applied to other arts (poetry, literature, drama, dance, visual arts…)?

c. Read and comment

A poet associated with minimalism is Aram Saroyan. Some of his poems can be found online, and ten are linked below for you to explore and read.

d. Could you write a minimalist poem?

-More on Part 2-

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