5. Practice

You’re going to practice interrupting. To do this, we need you to follow these instructions:

  • One person (Person A) starts to talk about one of the topics in the list below.
  • Another person (Person B) picks a card from the set below and uses this word and other words to interrupt in a meaningful and suitable way.

Topics for Person A:

  • Dogs or cats: which are better and why?
  • One thing we can all do to help the environment is…
  • Does success depend more on talent, hard work, or luck?
  • How much of the news (on TV and in print) is fake news?
  • What’s the best way to travel: car, plane, train – and why?

Cards for Person B:

Acknowledgements and Further Practice

Parts of this lesson were inspired by ideas and materials at The task on this page is similar to (but simpler than) their Key Words Interrupting Game.

The main image is by mohamed_hassan at Pixabay.

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