2. Listening and Vocabulary

a. Listen to the first part of a video about ‘debranding’, by the author and photographer Ben Schott.

  • What is debranding?

b. Listen again to 0:00 to 0:36.

  • Write down as many words as you can that the narrator uses to describe simplification.

(Answers: here)

c. Discuss:

“But what prompted this landslide of logo debranding?”

d. Listen to the rest of the video. Which explanations does Ben Schott give for the debranding phenomenon, and how do they compare with the points raised in your discussion?

e. Discuss:

  • Do you prefer the look of the debranded logos, or the ones they replaced?

f. True or false? (Listen again to 0:36 – 1:58 if you need to.)

  • (1.) Schott implies that the most pressing issue underlying the debranding phenomenon is the need for mobile-compatible logos.
  • (2.) He regards debranded logos as similar in spirit and style to those of previous decades.
  • (3.) Schott finds it irrational and inexplicable (hard-to-explain) that designers should have allowed over-complicated logos to become the standard.
  • (4.) He likens design inflation to the effects of alcohol overindulgence.
  • (5.) Schott explains the debranding by big tech companies such as Airbnb and GoDaddy as an attempt by startups to look more professional in order to compete against bigger brands.

(Answers: here)

g. Do the worksheet, Vocabulary from the Video.

(Your teacher can send this to you as a pdf)

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