3. Speaking Tasks

a. Pair up with a classmate. Ask and answer the questions from exercise 4 on the Vocabulary from the Video worksheet.

b. Read the question, watch the video below, then discuss:

  • Debranding has been controversial, including among the younger generation – to the point that various memes have been created about the phenomenon. Why?

c. Here are some instructions for a website-based speaking task:

The site Boredpanda has made a list of debranded company logos that customers criticised.

d. Choose a logo and simplify it.

  • If you can’t think of a logo, check the link below.
  • Draw your new version, if you like, but the main thing is to describe how it would look.

e. Let’s flip the template…

  • Take your classmate’s logo and rebrand it, adding detail and complexity.

Main photo: cottonbro studio, via pexels.

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