2. How to Taste Blended Scotch Whisky

On this page, we’re going to watch a video which was originally filmed for a Scottish whisky company. The presenter is Richard Paterson, an expert on whisky. Because of his unique presenting style, the video became popular and has been re-uploaded many times on YouTube.

a. Before we watch the video, think about this:

  • To taste or test a new drink (and it doesn’t have to be whisky), what do you think the taster needs to do? What are the steps?

b. Let’s listen!

  • Listen for 2 things Richard says you should do when testing whisky, and one thing you shouldn’t do.

c. Listen again (0:13 to 2:21).

  • What is the advantage of using a copita nosing glass instead of a regular glass?
  • What does Richard do to get rid of odours (smells) on the lip of the glass?
  • Why does he advise us to put a finger in the water before adding it?
  • What would happen if we didn’t add enough water to dilute the whisky down to 35 percent?

d. Did you notice any vocabulary that Richard used to make this explanation clear?

For example:

  • Vocabulary for giving instructions
  • Vocabulary for putting instructions in order (sequencing)
  • Vocabulary to link the explanation with what we’re seeing (visuals)

e. Do worksheet 2e.

(This worksheet is available as a FREE download from our Payhip store.)

For some more grammar, listening and speaking activities, go to this page.


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