3. Match up the ideas on the left with the explanations on the right

our worst enemya. Most businesses fail, most plans don’t work as expected, and most relationships are full of mistakes. Sometimes it’s best to keep doing things we know, and not to take too many risks.
our gut reactionb. We don’t always have to follow what everyone else is doing. Some of the most successful leaders are the people who did something weird or unexpected, took a risk, and won.
deathc. They want the worst for us, and they’re very good at understanding our weaknesses. We can imagine what they would tell us to do, and do the opposite.
cautiond. We have to remember that life is short. This can help us to handle smaller problems, and it can also help us to stop worrying about what other people expect from us.
couragee. Often, there’s a feeling inside us, telling us what we should do. It’s very easy to ignore this inner voice, but we should listen to what it says, because it remembers all of our past experiences.

For answers, click here.

(The text on this page and on page 2 is based on the video How to Make a Decision from the Youtube channel of The School of Life).

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