4. The Hinewai Philosophy

a. Does the approach that Hugh talks about here come closest to conservation, restoration, or regeneration?

b. What is he getting at (or what does he intend to convey) when he says this?

People have an inflated opinion of what Homo Sapiens is capable of. I hate to say this, because I’m a Homo Sapiens as well, but we’re really good at damaging things; we’re not all that good at putting things right.

c. Look at the bits of vocabulary below, all quoted from the clip. How many adjectives can you count in each one? What other word classes (nouns etc.) are represented?

  • minimal-interference management
  • natural regeneration of native forest and wildlife
  • a sensible-sounding question
  • wild, hilly, rough terrain
  • totally ecologically appropriate and scientifically interesting ways

Click here for answers to parts a-c.

Present: Describe the terrain around the place where you are right now. If empty land in your town or region was left to regenerate, what might grow there?

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