7. Fire!

Listen to Hugh telling the story of the massive fire that hit Hinewai in 2011 and decide if these statements are true or false:

  • (a) The weather that July was typical for the season.
  • (b) The helicopters initially had difficulty getting to the fire.
  • (c) Hugh was told by firefighters that he must evacuate his house.
  • (d) A few native plants were destroyed alongside the gorse.
  • (e) Hugh likens the memory of the fire to a pouncing animal.

Answers: here.

f. How big a disaster was the fire for Hinewai? Listen again (22:45 and 25:32) and share your view with your classmates.

Some more detailed points to deepen the discussion can be found here.

Discuss: Have you ever experienced a natural disaster or extreme weather conditions? Do you have personal experience of unexpected or climate events or unseasonable weather in the past decade?

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