8. Technology at Hinewai

a. Listen to Tricia and Hugh talking about the technology that he uses in daily life. What do we learn here about Hugh’s lifestyle and attitudes?

b. Which of these does Hugh use? Listen again if you need to (19:52 to 21:50).

  • motorised transport
  • a tumble dryer
  • a gas boiler
  • a power mower
  • a phone
  • the public electricity network

Answers: here.

c. Add 1 or more words to the sentences in bold so that they have a similar meaning to the sentences in italics. (The italicised sentences are quoted from the video).

(i) Paul and I will use a vehicle, but Hugh doesn't use a vehicle - he'll cycle or he'll walk.
Whereas Hugh eschews ________, Paul and I tend to use a vehicle.

(ii) I don't have a cellphone; it would be pointless, anyway, because we're out of cellphone range here, thank goodness, thank heavens!
I consider myself fortunate that __________ renders a cellphone useless.

(iii) I do see, unfortunately, that (by) uncritical acceptance of a lot of this technology, we're losing a lot of our old skills.
It's apparent to me that __________ led to the loss of many traditional creative endeavours.

(iv) I'm not in a sort of mood to just roll with the tide and take on all this technology which I think is unnecessary for me.
I don't feel like getting gadgets I don't need, just ___________.

(v) I'm not a hermit.
It's not my intention ____________.

Possible answers are here.

Present: “I’m not anti-it, but I don’t want it”. What could you say this about?

Discuss: Should all environmentalists and environmental activists set an example by not using fossil fuels and cutting down on their use of technology?

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