9. Summing up…

Watch the final part of the video.

a groundswell = a massive movement of public support for an idea or campaign
gully = a small valley
carbon sequestration = the storage of carbon in the ground, instead of as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

a. Talk with your study partner or teacher about your reactions to the views expressed in these closing minutes.

b. Think of 3 interesting questions to ask your study partner or teacher, relating to the clip you just watched, or to the Hinewai story in general. (If you’re studying alone, why not start a conversation in the discussion box below).

c. Download this reading text and follow the instructions. This can be done for homework, followed by a discussion in class as a review.

If you enjoyed this lesson, please consider making a donation to the filmmakers, Happen Films, to enable them to continue to produce inspirational documentaries about humans and nature. To find out more about Happen Films, click here.

Hinewai has its own website here, including a map of the places Hugh talks about and a photo gallery.

Here’s a shorter documentary about how Hugh Wilson is inspiring others in New Zealand to do something similar.

The Iraqi marshlands project and other initiatives in the region are handled by Nature Iraq, and you can support the organisation through this page.

Main photo is Mamaku Koru – “New Life”, by Geoff MacKay on Flickr. Licensed CC BY-2.0.

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